For help with taking your measurements, here is our step-by-step guide below. A proper fitting bike is essential to your enjoyment of cycling and should be the starting point in your buying journey. If you purchase your bike through Factor we will work with you to determine the optimum frame size and configuration on your new bike. To help you work out the correct size remotely, please fill out your details in the form below and our team will review and be in touch with a personalized recommendation. Please fill in as much information as possible to enable us to give you the best guidance.



How To Measure For Frame Sizing

One of the key criteria in ensuring that a bike is the right one for you is how you fit on that specific
bike. In general terms this means that no matter how far or fast you wish to ride the set up should be
comfortable enough that your position on the bike itself does not cause you pain or discomfort. While
we will recommend a frame size and set up on a bike it does not always mean that there is only one
size frame that will work for you. Depending on your riding style different frame sizes within a model
may give equally valid solutions. What we aim to do is find the frame size that not only fits but
ensures the bike performs the way you desire. With this approach we are considering your total ride
experience not just which frame size you can be jammed on to. The following steps provide us with
the measurements that allow us to recommend a frame size and set up (saddle height, bar width,
stem length etc) with a considerable degree of accuracy. However, these recommendations are only
as accurate as the measurements you take. We recommend that when in doubt measure 2 or 3 times
to confirm the accuracy of your number. The more care and attention to detail you can apply the
better the outcome. NB: IMPORTANT – remove your shoes or other footwear before taking these
measurements. It is okay to leave your socks on and we recommend not wearing tight fitting clothing
so as not to restrict your freedom of movement. You DO NOT need to have your cycling kit on to take
these measurements.

Tools required:
Tape measure, marker, masking tape, level, square, broom handle or similar, second pair
of hands

Place strip of masking tape on wall for marking.
Stand with back to wall, shoes off, eyes forward.
Place square on top of head and mark height on the masking tape, measure to the ground
with measuring tape.

Facing the wall, stand straight and relaxed.
Place square in the notch where both collarbones join, under your adams apple, and place
sqaure to wall, mark height and measure to floor

Facing the wall, place the level between legs and lift as high as possible to an
uncomfortable pressure
Place end of level against wall and mark height (keeping spirit level), measure to floor.

Stand with back against the wall, relaxed and shoulders straight.
Find top of shoulder (end of collarbone) and place end of square on it with other end on
the wall, mark height and measure to floor.
Repeat for opposite shoulder

Standing side on to the wall with shoulders straight
Hold the broom handle or similar item with a fist with, arm straight and elbow locked out.
Use the square to mark from center of broom handle to wall, mark height, measure to
floor. Repeat for opposite hand.

Place heels against wall.
Place level at end of toes and measure from level to wall with measuring tape.

Shoulder Width:
Stand straight with shoulders relaxed and arms by side
Measure from the end of right shoulder to end of
left to shoulder (distal end of acromion) SEE PHOTO

Elbow TT ONLY:
Stand next to wall, arms straight with elbow locked out , Mark height at end of radius
(bony protuberance, see photos) Measure to floor


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